What is the difference between Méthode Naturelle and Hébertisme?

The term ‘Hebertism’ was proposed by a sports journalist, and there are many collaborators who contributed to the development of  Hebertism.

Hebertism is a holistic pedagogical approach that  consists of six modules:

  1. The Méthode Naturelle itself
  2. Manual labour (gardening, wood chopping, house keeping)
  3. Mental and moral components
  4. Intellectual culture
  5. Aesthetic culture (arts, dance)
  6. Naturist initiatives (nutrition, aero-, hydro-, helioptherapy).

Hebertism is a broader concept than the natural method, the last being a method of training and physical education. 1



1. Philippe-Meden, Pierre. Georges Hébert (1875-1957). A naturalist’s invention of body ecology. Body ecology and emersive leisure. Routledge, 2018