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SIP Camp in Provence, July 23 – 30, 2017

Sport’nat Belgium organizes the second round of their International Practical Camp: one week of Hébertism in the full sense of the term, this time in Provence. Although the practice of the MN will be the essential part of the program, other aspects of the philosophy of G. Hébert will also be emphasized during the camp (bricolage, cultural visits, show, music, “Short circuit”/bio/vegetarian food…)

Program and registration: Sport’nat Belgium

Interview with Leon Hermans

In this interview Leon Hermans († 2017), one of the pionieers of Hébertisme, shares his personal story, provides some insights on Méthode Naturelle history after the Second World War and boosts with the Hébertisme spirit!

Recorded 2013 in Nantes


(by Simone Parrini)

Hi, my name is Leon Hermans, I’m 85 years old.
I can say that I spent my entire life with MN. Continue reading Interview with Leon Hermans