New Hebertisme centers in Belgium

The Belgian Federation of Methode Naturelle  SportNat opens two new centers. One of them is an offer of the official sports program at the University of Liège. The other one is a brand new center in Mouscron that just finished building its fantastic obstacle course and is planning to open in summer 2020.


70th anniversary of MN Belgium – trip report

In July ’18 a big anniversary party took place in the city of Visé to celebrate the 70th anniversary of  of the first Belgian Hebertist Federation, the FBEPMN, founded in 1948. The happening with over 100 participants went international welcoming guests from Nantes (France), Alicante (Spain),  Cologne and Munich (Germany).

We were welcomed by friendly guest families and enjoyed a brilliant weekend full of training and fun!

On the first day the organizers prepared for us an unique hebertiste rescue game in the woods of the Sport’nat center in Esneux. In small teams of all ages we had to run, carry, and climb a lot to safe lives and earn points! Continue reading 70th anniversary of MN Belgium – trip report

SIP Camp 3 in Faucon (FR), July 28 – August 04, 2018

Sport’nat Belgium organizes the 3rd round of their International Practical Camp: one week of Hébertism in the full sense of the term, this time in Faucon, France. This is the place, La Palestra, where Georges Hébert launched his school for women and children after the First World War. Open for participants of 12 – 60 ages, 400€ all inclusive per person.

More information: Sport’nat Belgium

70th anniversary of MN in Belgium, 1st of July

On the 1th of July the Belgian Federation welcomes everyone to take part at their big 70th anniversary. There will be a big program in the center of Visé, with the timed parcours and a tournament in the famous Hébertist game, the Ball-Barr (registration needed for the both). More information and registration at the Sportnat website 

Foreign guests are welcome to join the bigger program: special Training with rock climbing and camp fire on the 30th of June. The accommodations will be provided, arrivals are possible already on Friday,  the 29th.


SIP Camp in Provence, July 23 – 30, 2017

Sport’nat Belgium organizes the second round of their International Practical Camp: one week of Hébertism in the full sense of the term, this time in Provence. Although the practice of the MN will be the essential part of the program, other aspects of the philosophy of G. Hébert will also be emphasized during the camp (bricolage, cultural visits, show, music, “Short circuit”/bio/vegetarian food…)

Program and registration: Sport’nat Belgium