Old school – Groups and centers that were founded by pioneers of Méthode Naturelle or their direct followers

Belgium Belgien

Fédération Belge d’Hébertisme (FBH) – Sport’nat® 

Federation Belgique d'HébertismeThe world’s biggest Méthode Naturelle organization with over 300 members. This federation unites 10 non-commercial centers in Wallonia and Brussels that are independent from each other. Most of them operate on special fitness trails. Since 2013 the federation has registered the name Sport’nat for easy representation and  recognition. To their webpage

Hébertisme Asse

Recreatieve Omnisportvereniging AsseThis center in Flanders headed by Frank Mattens celebrated 2016 its 35th anniversary. It is well-known for its high-intensity training. The group is a part of Roska Sportclub and recently became a member of Sport’nat. To their webpage


France Frankreich

Centre Hébertiste Nantais

The center celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2013 with a big 12208309_843991119031529_6364972829568937780_nhappening. It is located in the city of Nantes and operates on its own stadium Raymond-Baumard’, equipped with obstacles and sheds. Address:  Rue des Bosquets, 44100 Nantes. To their Facebook page

Le Centre Hébertiste de La Brède

Le Centre Hébertiste de La Brède

The center is located south of Bordeaux and was founded in 1950 by Pierre Barron. Nowadays the center has several sessions pro week and puts a lot of effort into defense (judo, aikido, jujutsu) and rescue swimming. Old webpage with photos. Current webpage with training schedule.


Centre Hébertiste Orléanais

The center in Orléans was founded in 1914 and revived in 2017. To their Facebook page


Groupe Hébertiste indépendant d’Aulnay  in the north-eastern suburbs of Paris. To their webpage.


Congo (democratic republic) Kanada

Centres Hébert de Kinshasa et de Bitakinshasa

Established 2012 by the Belgian FBH in Kinshasa and Bita (65km from Kinshasa). To the article and inauguration videos



New generation – Groups and centers founded after 2010 by newcomers

Germany Deutschland

Méthode Naturelle München

This first German center was founded in 2011 and counts fscabout 30 members and several coaches.  It has several sessions per week and emphasizes the importance of resistance training, swimming and social commitment. The group is part of the FSC sports club. To their webpage

Méthode Naturelle NRWmamo.png

A group near Cologne, founded 2015, that meets up two times a month for MN training. To their Webpage

Parkour-Natur Grimma

A  group near Leipzig, founded 2019, that offers a training for children and their families.
To their Webpage
To the Webpage of their gymclub

Italy Italien


vicencaA team near Vicenca who learned Méthode Naturelle through their work in AGESCI (Principal Italian boy scout association) and shares their experience in workshops and training.  Their long suit are games and teamwork, thank to their scout background. To their webpage.




Our parkour friends – Parkour communities that are interested in MN and integrate it in their training


Austria 900px-Flag_of_Austria.svg

Méthode Naturelle Österreich11018648_1641386909427585_9075403937960019079_n

A project started by a traceur from Vienna to spread MN in Austria. You can contact them at their webpage for a mutual training.


Brazil Flag_of_Brazil.svg

RasTracer- Parkour & Método Natural 10891513_338682032983172_6096628300418679965_n

A group of traceurs in Jaboticabal, to the north of São Paulo, also practices Méthode Naturelle.  To their Facebook page.

Colombia Flag_of_Colombia.svg

Central ParkourUnbenannt

A parkour group in Medellín integrates MN in its workouts. To their Facebook page.  

Germany Deutschland

Bewegung Naturelle Potsdampotsdam

Traceurs with longstanding experience offer besides parkour also a weekly MN training. To their webpage.



Parkour Jakarta

Large Parkour Community that lives Hébertism in its spirit and some of 12189947_10153097660586426_5840134430966675163_ntrainings. Just check some of their videosTo their Facebook page. 


Hawaii Parkourhawaii

Probably the first group who was really interested in MN. Back then its members Gregg and Pilou undertook a first English translation of Héberts “Practical guide” and shared it around. Their Hawaii Parkour Forum has lots of topics on MN (mostly old though).


Haven’t find anything close? There a lot of people that silently train MN on their own. Try  Facebook group  to check if there is on of them also in your hood.


We only listed centers and groups that train true to Méthode Naturelle philosophy. There are a lot of  new-age commercial offers worldwide that take the movement core from MN.


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