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Blogs and others:

Les amis de Georges Hébert – Blog of Pierre Philippe-Meden (French)

Pilous Quadrupedie Blog (English)

Why to do Méthode Naturelle? – Motivational text by Nadja Hahn (English)
M de movimiento – Blog of Robert Sánchez about movement and MN (Spanish)

Hebertisme – A blog article with Fotos about Hebertisme (Dutch)

Trip journals with photos and videos:

Belgium 2018 – 70th anniversary of the Belgian Federation. Text in English with pictures.

Alicante 2017 – two athletes from Munich paid a visit to  David Fernández Juan and his Métode Gimnasia Natural. Text in EN and DE with pictures.

Munich 2014 – seven athletes of Belgian FBHY went to Germany to celebrate the 3rd birthday of MN Munich. Text in French with pictures. (Also text in German with a video).

Nantes 2013 – MN Groups from Belgium, Bordeaux, Munich, and Congo join the Center of Nantes at its awesome 70th anniversary. Text (EN), pictures, and video.

Belgium 2013 – nine athletes from MN Munich and two Chief Scouts from  AGESCI (Italian boy-scout association) go on a big round trip and visit eight centers of FBHY and the group in Asse. Text (DE), pictures, and a video.

Belgium 2012 – three athletes from freshly founded MN Munich go to Belgium. They visit centers of FBH und the one in Asse. Text (DE) and a video.

Belgium 2011 – a trip of two tracers from Munich to Belgium to get insight into what is believed to be the origins of Parkour. They visit two centers of Fédération Belge d’Hébertisme (FBH). Text (EN) and photos.

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