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The following videos give you a general idea of Méthode Naturelle training, and inspiration on movement families, exercise, and structure of your session. (Well, no video can substitute a real training with experienced MN athletes , so please go out and learn live from one of existing groups – it’s free!)

Nature / Parks as parcours

Full training session (30 min video) that covers all 10 families in hebertism parcours, with a very detailed description of families and exercise. The video was an annex to a Bachelor’s Thesis in physical education (topic in MN).

Asse group training in the woods, no obstacles

Munich group training in the woods with obstacles

Solo training

A daily morning routine in own garden. See step by step explanations 

Winter training in a forest

Training in the city


Plateau training

Good explanation on how to arrange your training on a plain field without any obstacles. One can also do a warm-up in form of plateau

Scouts training held on a plain field as plateau and games


Winter training

A session in a city park with powder snow, including self-defense and ground fighting

A session in a forest park with the focus on Être fort pour être utile exercise


Swimming – pool

Don’t procrastinate swimming until you – one day – improve your crawl technique! Start today.

This video shows a variety of diving, jumping, carrying, self-defense exercise in water that are fun and can be done even by poor swimmers to enhance their water feeling .

An example training with a partner


Swimming – outdoor

A video of a white water rescue session


Training in the gym

The word “naturelle” in Méthode Naturelle doesn’t mean nature, but movement that is natural to human body.  A training can be held in a gym and still be according to the natural method.

Three versions of the same gym parcours with very detailed description of families

Outdoor and gym session


Kids Training

Entertaining the little ones when you have a sport yard and tons of equipment

Senior Training

A group of Belgian seniors at their weekly training. Very impressive!

Senior training solo


Inspirational Parkour Training

Training of some parkour communities will very well remind you of Hébertism

A beautiful video of Parkour City from Saint Petersburg giving a three day parkour workshop (especially from 3:00)

Cheerful girls training from Parkour Jakarta

Tropical island training from Parkour Jakarta, with singing and dancing

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  1. Just discovered MN and I am really interested on learning more. Actually I am swimming, running and triathlon coach. I’ll look forward to apply these activities and their perspective to what I do.

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