Methode Naturelle in Spain

Two athletes from Munich paid a visit to David Fernández Juan and his Métode Gimnasia Natural in Alicante, Spain.

They enjoyed 4 days full of training, adventures and a Spanish lifestyle!

Swimming in the warm sea, running and crawling in the sand, climbing rocks, and surely doing siesta and sightseeing!

Our short-trip to Alicante was the best escape from the cold rainy Germany!

David Fernández Juan is a brilliant coach and offers an alternative tourism program for every one who is interested in movement, natural method, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, or just visiting the city of Alicante and doing some training. We, two athletes from Munich, Annette Salzbrenner and I, Nadja Hahn, had an honor to be his first guests and went through a full program.

We enjoyed private mobility session on the beach, with the focus on breathing. With a small group we went on a running adventure trough the night old town of Alicante up the hill, ending with a challenge of walking through a fountain with one’s eyes closed.

We also were welcomed by a big group for a two hours adventure, starting with crawling on a sandy beach, running up a rocky hill to boulder a huge wall, arriving at another beach to  balance with stones, and finishing with a sprint swim and diving in a refreshing sea.

But the best thing was to stay at David’s place, and fully enjoy the flair of the old town, David’s hospitality, delicious meals and the Spanish lifestyle! Siesta and relaxed late dinners in the garden, with tasty Spanish olives and tasty vine, accompanied with the sound of the rushing sea, chatting with friendly neighbors and friends – those lovely moments are forever in our hearts.

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