Interview with Leon Hermans

In this interview Leon Hermans († 2017), one of the pionieers of Hébertisme, shares his personal story, provides some insights on Méthode Naturelle history after the Second World War and boosts with the Hébertisme spirit!

Recorded 2013 in Nantes


(by Simone Parrini)

Hi, my name is Leon Hermans, I’m 85 years old.
I can say that I spent my entire life with MN. Continue reading Interview with Leon Hermans

How far Méthode Naturelle can bring you if taken seriously?

…Sunday morning. Fog. Rain. Sleek. Snow. Hartmut shows up. Takes his shirt off. Takes his shoes off. Puts his swim shorts on. Are you crazy Hartmut? “Hébert said resistance is important, no?” Fair enough…

Natural movement and Méthode Naturelle are totally different things and are not to be mixed up. MN is a method of training and physical education. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Most people just see in MN the natural-movement-crawling-climbing-a-tree component, the little tiny part, and stop there. So what happens if you not just stay in your comfort zone and not just take what you like from MN?

But explore the actual method, and what is in it? And trust it. And see what happens. Continue reading How far Méthode Naturelle can bring you if taken seriously?