Group training example

A training session example, shared by the athletes from Methode Naturelle Munich ?


60 minutes, light rain, +15°. A fitness trail in a city park.

4 participants and 1 coach, aged 31 to 50 years.


– Include as many as possible of 10 movement families in the session: walking, running, jumping, quadrupedal movement, climbing, throwing, carrying, defense, and balancing. The only discipline that was not covered is swimming.

– The intensity of the training rises gradually and reaches its peak at the final exercises.

– Athletes follow the principle of training of both sides: they throw the ball and the rope with the left and the right hand, jump off with the left and the right leg

– The exercises within each of the disciplines are variable in form. For example, the jumps: side jumps over the wooden clog and running broad jumps. Or throwing: passing a light ball to a partner in movement or throwing a heavy rope over a bar.

– The principle of alternation of the efforts: running and jumping (effort on legs) alternates both in the main part of the training and the final part of the training with the effort o arms during throwing, climbing, and carrying.


– For the participants to stay warm at the chilly weather, the coach combined the balancing exercises with other movement families (balance fight, passing a ball, cartwheel).

– Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, participants must keep a distance of 1.5 meters between each other. For the fighting, the coach chooses the indirect contact: balance fight with a rubber band and tug of war.  The coach also chooses throwing exercises in such a way as to assign participants a certain position.

The STRUCTURE of the session


The warm-up goal is to prepare the body for the training and awaken the attention, coordination, and reaction of the participants.

  • light stretching
  • warm-up the joints and muscles (rotating arms, kicking, etc.)
  • speed walking around the fitness trail with stepping over, and climbing over the obstacles. It helps to awaken the attention of participants and get familiar with the obstacles.
  • to warm up the blood circulation and the lungs: running with hops, sidewards, in zigzag, with long jumps (video)
  • fight on the wooden clog to activate coordination and reaction (video).
The MAIN PART of the session:

The goal of the main part is to progress in familiar exercises and learn new skills in natural method movement disciplines.

Quadrupedal movement:

  • Various exercises on the wooden clogs and at the grass: rotation, sidewards movement, cartwheel (video)


  • Passing a ball to a partner, staining on one leg on the wooden clog (video)
  • Passing a ball in sidewards movement (video)
  • Throwing a rope over the bar (video)

Running and jumping:

  • A round of a speed run around the fitness trail with side jumps over the wooden clogs


  • Exercises on the rings and bars: swinging, upward circle forward, pull-ups
  • Rope climb (video)
The FINAL of the session:

The goal of the final of the session is to claim a maximum of force, speed-endurance, and coordination.

  • Running long jumps into a sandpit
  • Lifting and carrying stones
  • A series of short-distance sprints
  • Tug of war (video)

— Jogging

— Walking with breathing exercises

— Stretching ?